The Lighter Side of Hockey

When you mention hockey to someone who isn’t a fan. They will most likely think that it’s a barbaric sport and disregard it. Despite popular belief hockey isn’t as barbaric as people make it out to be. Hockey hasn’t killed anyone, can’t say the same for Macbeth. To become king Macbeth killed his way to the top. In hockey, and every other sport, you get to the top by working hard and never giving up. You don’t make it to the big leagues by killing you’re competition, you make it by working hard and never giving up.

Hockey isn’t always about fights and losing teeth. It can also be amazing goals, trick shots, and great plays. In Macbeth, it’s about gaining power and stepping on anyone who will get in your way. In the video below it’s from Dude Perfect, a group of guys who do funny and amazing, yet questionable, things for our entertainment. The video includes the captain of the Dallas Stars, Jamie Benn and forward Tyler Seguin. It shows us that hockey has a lighter side. That hockey, gasp, actually takes some skill.

Being in the big leagues doesn’t mean it’s all glamour and ultimate skill. You’ll make mistakes. You’d think that begin a professional hockey player means that you’ll never fall skating. Or that you’ll always be able to get the puck away from the other team. Think again. Just like in Macbeth he made the mistake of being to greedy. He wanted too much and now he is paying the price, he’s seeing ghost, he’s paranoid, he’s killing off people in his own kingdom.


This “lighter” side is suppose to show that you shouldn’t always be power hungry or too dedicated. It’s good to be motivated and driven but there is a fine between obsessive and driven.


P.S. I promise not to write about hockey again next time.

Also this is hockey in a nutshell… 


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