What is love?

What is love? Love is a meaningful word to every individual. Each person has their own thoughts about love. Without these thoughts everyone would just be a blind person trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel with every obstacle you can imagine blocking their path.

Love can be described in one word, complicated. It’s never easy being in love. We often forget  that love is blinding. When it’s at it’s brightest we feel happy and content, but when the light goes out what are we left with?

Ophelia and Hamlet’s relationship would be the poster child for “it’s complicated”. Did they really love each other? Did Hamlet use Ophelia? Did she go insane because of Hamlet? Of course, no one will ever be able to answer those questions. You can only have your own opinion about them.

I believe that Hamlet did love Ophelia. Maybe he had a different way of showing it. Maybe he loved her but not as much as she loved him. So many possibilities, but in the end I truly believe that Hamlet and Ophelia had a real connection. If Hamlet didn’t actually care about Ophelia then why did he have such a shocked and hurt reaction when he found out she was dead? You wouldn’t have that kind of reaction if you didn’t have some type of feelings for that person.

For me, if I didn’t have any feelings for that person then I wouldn’t be as distraught as Hamlet was when he found out that Ophelia was dead. He could of had any girl in Denmark, but he choose Ophelia. Even if it isn’t mentioned in detail about there relationship, one can assume that there were true feelings between them.

In the end, despite what you believe really went on between Hamlet and Ophelia, I believe that love is the guiding light to every life. Whether you know it or not.



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