Is driving worth it?

She paced the downstairs of their house nervously, waiting. She had circled from the living room, through the kitchen and back into the front hall at least a thousand times, he should have been home by now. It was nearing midnight and she had thought he’d be back by now. The more time that passes, the more anxious she became. She peeked out between the blinds every time she heard a car drive by, hoping it was him.

*Ring* *Ring* *Ring*. She goes to answer the phone hoping that person will have news about him. A voice on the other end says that something has happened and she should come right now. She pulls up to the entrance and walks up to the front desk. The woman there leads her down, what seems like, a million halls. The woman tries to tell her what has happened but she doesn’t hear any of it. Trying to keep a brave face until she saw him. She finally gets to his room. Running to his bedside she grabs his hand as tight as she could never wanting to let go.  He tells her of how he ended up there, a drunk driver decided to harm others. 

She sits there with him all night talking about how they’re going to grow old together, how many kinds they’ll have, what kind of house they want. As it gets later and later into the night, pass visiting hours, she still remains at his side. Never letting go. She makes him promise her that he’s going to be okay, that he’ll still be there when she comes back tomorrow morning. He finishes his promise as the beeps start to slow down and his voice almost at a whisper. 

She continues to look out the window hoping to see him come home. She wished that she would have stopped him from going out that night. Now he’s never home.

Now that you’ve read this story. What are your views on drunk driving? Even if it is one drink. It could hurt others. Don’t be selfish, don’t drink and drive.



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