Parent and Child vs. Right and Wrong

When you think of a parent, you think of someone who is your guide through life. They are supposed to help navigate you through all the lessons of right and wrong, and lead you towards the righteous path, but what qualities make a parent “good” though? One would assume it is because they protect us from harm, such as protecting us while we were in the womb to protecting us from all the scratches and injuries we received from playing a little too roughly. Another quality one might also consider would be when they are our support system, and helps us through all of the goods and bads that comes along with growing up. However, not every “parent” will meet this criteria. In my essay, I will discuss how various qualities of a parent do not apply to everyone, and how this affects the relationship of creator (the parent) with creation (the child).

Parents are suppose to protect their child by any means necessary. A mother in Texas who defended her daughter, who was buying a suit, against a store clerk who mentioned that “[the mother] was promoting wrong behavior” and that “parents should not let their children choose the way they dress if it’s cross-gendered” (Travis Gettys). The mother responds with the fact that her daughter has been wearing suits since she was 3 and that “she didn’t have a problem with it” (Travis Gettys). It shows that the mother did not care that her daughter wanted to dress as a boy, the mother supported her decision and defended her when someone thought it was wrong. Another instance about parents supporting their child would be about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. When their daughter Shiloh wanted to dress as a boy and be referred to as “John” she didn’t turn her child away. With Jolie and Pitt accepting Shiloh’s request to be called John, it shows us that they’re being supportive of John. By accepting your child for who they are, or want to be, you’re making that step to be a good parent. One that will still support their child despite some minor changes.

Parents are suppose to protect their children. There are even laws that protect the children who have had the misfortune of having parents who couldn’t take care of them properly. The most common form of a parent not protecting their child, would be child abuse. Child abuse can be anything from physical and sexual abuse to emotional abuse and neglect. Jack Johnson, a hockey player for the Columbus Blue Jackets, at the beginning of the 2014-2015 season and despite having a 7 year $30,500,000 contract, which means he makes almost $5,000,000 a year, he had to file for bankruptcy. In 2008 Johnson parted ways with his agent. With little knowledge of money and finances he “signed a power of attorney that granted his mother full control of his finances”(Aaron Portzline). His mother, Tina Johnson, took out $15 million from Jack’s future earnings and used it on “high-interest loans”, she also purchased a “house with his money but without his knowledge” (Aaron Portzline). They were his parents, he trusted them. Those close to Jack Johnson even say that it’ll be easier to “make financial restitution than to reopen his relationship with his parents”(Aaron Portzline). This shows that parents should take care of their children. With Jack Johnson’s case he wasn’t physically abused by his parents but he was taken advantage of. They took his money and in the end his relationship between him and his parents is nonexistent because of the lack of trust between them now.

Parents are supposed to be a childs guide through life. An adopted child would be included into this because their actual birth parents aren’t the ones helping them through life. The adopted parents are the ones supporting them, feeding them, housing them, loving them. This can relate back to Frankenstein when the creature runs away because Victor chooses not the love him. In a way the Delacey Family is the creature’s adopted family. He learned from them. He gained his skills and knowledge from them. While Victor did nothing to help him in life. Which caused the obvious strain on the relationship between Victor and the creature. In the end everyone’s parents are different. We learn and experience different things from our parents whether it be good or bad, we still gain our knowledge from them. It shows that no matter what our parents will make a big impact on our lives and we will learn from them, whether we like it or not.


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