1984 is Not Fictional


In the book 1984, George Orwell describes how the people in Oceania have fallen under the complete control of the Inner Party. They take part in a daily event called “two minutes of hate”, where a picture of Goldstein, who is against the Inner Party, is shown. The occupants of Oceania then start to hurl insults at him and release all of their anger towards him. Some even go as far as to even throw objects at the screen where his picture is shown, such as Julia did. In my picture, it shows how an event that is a completely different concept from the two minutes of hate can look eerily like it.

My photo was taken during a concert where all of the concert goers raised their hands up to celebrate the music and the confetti that was falling down on all of them. The feelings during the concert could be described as ecstatic and electric since everyone was excited to finally see their favorite band. This is similar in a way to the two minutes of hate because an image is being projected to us, and we are reacting in the way that the authority wants us to react. They reacted with disgust and hate, while we reacted with cheers and giddiness.

Another similarity between my photo and the two minutes of hate is that it brought a group of people together over a common cause. While the event in my photo is less destructive and hateful compared to the two minutes of hate, it still brings people together and makes them think in one certain idea. The thoughts of the people in my photo were also being controlled like the people of Oceania because the concert promoters wanted to get the crowd excited, while the Inner Party wanted them to release their anger and angst that was built up from being controlled so much.

As shown by my photo even though the ideas in 1984 are extreme, the similarities still exist today.



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