Dear Freshman Self

Dear Freshman Self,

I want to avoid telling you all the cliches everyone else has already repeated many time, but, unfortunately, some of those things are very true. The next four years are going to be the longest and shortest four years of your life. These next four years will not be pretty, it’ll be a constant uphill battle, but please cherish every moment you can. You’re going to make some dumb decisions. You’re going to hangout with the wrong people. You may even make questionable fashion choices. But every single one of those memories, good and bad, will leave you smile like an idiot one day. So that means stop freaking out about one bad test, and go live your life. Go laugh at the dumb things you and your friends have said this year.

As much as you want to believe that the next four years are just more schooling. You’re going to miss it when you have to leave. So do me a favor, and give the next four years a little more love for me, because leaving here in a few days is going to hurt a little. Go a little crazy, have some fun, and maybe even try a completely new thing. Nothing that happens here will ever ruin your life. Have fun with new people and learn new things. Most important of all, make mistakes! You’re here to learn so stop being afraid. Good luck, little me. I can’t wait for you to see how your life turns out.





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