Writers Block

What do I write about? Will anyone even read this? Will it be received well, or will it get a negative response? I’ve honestly had no idea what to write about, all day I’ve been staring at a blank canvas. For anyone who’s ever had to write an essay, blog post, etc. and had no idea where to start. Well fear no more, read on to find out many ideas to get those creative juices flowing to fight off that writers block.

Steal ideas from others

One of the best ways to come up with topics to write about is to use other people. Their ideas are obviously working for them. There are many things you can learn from others. Read something from a fellow blogger that you found interesting? Write it down and save it for another day when you become blocked. Don’t steal their context though, that’s not cool.

Share a story about your recent travels

Everyone loves a good travel story. Sharing tips and tricks about your adventures can be very helpful and entertaining to your audience. Travel blogs are also very popular, or so I’ve been told.

Fill your blog post with GIFs

GIFs make the world go round. It’s a short, highly entertaining, video clip. If you run out of ideas or words then throw in a GIF. There are thousands of GIFs out there and it’ll make your blog look more laid back and appealing.

Share your goals and dreams

It’s still pretty recent into the 2015 year and sharing your goals or resolutions, publicly, can be a way to motivate you to stick with them. It gives the perfect balance between motivation and pressure.

Write about something that’s been in the news

Share your opinions! Put your voice out there. There is so much going on right now in the world. There will be an endless amount of ideas for you to write about.

Write a review on a new product/book/movie/etc. 

People are are always looking for others opinions before buying the product. It also gives you another chance to voice your opinion. Your followers can count on you for an honest opinion to either save them from wasting money or to change their life buy having that item.